"We are all lit from within."
 CranioSacral Therapy
Lois Weik, CMT
571-437-8602 VA
CranioSacral Therapy for Animals and People
I am a certified Massage Therapist offering exclusively CranioSacral Therapy services to both people and animals.  I see clients part time in my Falls Church, Virginia office.  Animals are done on a house/barn call basis.  I will also work on animals at a vet's office or boarding facility.
Rates: $125/hour for office visits for people.  All sessions are 1 hour.  Rates are $155/hour for animal calls within 30 minutes of Falls Church, VA.  A surcharge applies for longer travel times.  (Only registered service animals are not allowed in the office space.)  All calls are 1 hour unless arranged in advance.
The new schedule is now available on the Schedule page. 
Accepting new clients that have been vaccinated against COVID-19.