Appointments are available on:

Appointments: Appointment slots are labelled as "open" or "reserved".  Select at least two choices for your appointment, then click on this EMAIL ME link.  You will receive a reply confirming your appointment date and time and requesting a phone number where you can readily be reached.

Rescheduling:  If you need to reschedule your appointment, just email me with your choices for a replacement time.  Appointments rescheduled within 48 hours of the appointment time will be subject to a $30 fee.  Appointments cancelled within 48 hours will be charged the full price.

The appointments below will be located at 300 N. Washington St., Suite 302-A, Falls Church, VA.  300 is next door to Sunrise Retirement Home and behind 306 (which is directly on N. Wash. St).  Look for small wooden sign directing you to parking for 300-306 on the left side of the building and enter front door using the path parallel to Broad St. that runs between 306 and 300.  There is no waiting area for the office, so please do not arrive significantly early for your appointment.  Starting in December 2022, the front door will be locked continuously.  I am listed on the call box, just press the number for me and I can buzz you in.  Alternatively, you can call/text me at 571-437-8602
300 N. Washington Street, Falls Church, VA 22046
You all know the drill - please wear a mask, don't come if you are sick, don't come if someone in your household is sick.  There will be no missed appointment fees.  

I'm doing my part to keep the room clean and both of us safe.  Here's what you also need to know:

* Please wear a mask, even if you are vaccinated and boosted.
* PLEASE tell me if you are NOT vaccinated and boosted, so I can take measures to protect myself and others.​
* Please wear or bring socks.  The sanitizing fog settles on the carpet.  It is harmless, but you probably don't want it on your feet.
* Don't come early.  Arrive just in time to walk in the door for your appointment.  There is no sanitized waiting area.
* Come on time and leave on time.  Because of the need to clean between appointments, I need everyone to arrive and depart promptly so I have time for your full and complete session, and to clean between clients.
Note that Fridays, when available, have different time slots that weekends.  Please do let me know if you think you have been exposed to COVID-19, because you can become a carrier even if you are not sick.
See you in the New Year!